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Email TaxVid videos to your client lists (for Pro and Expert Plans only)
Email TaxVid videos to your client lists (for Pro and Expert Plans only)

Send TaxVid videos directly to your client's email addresses!

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1. Log into your account at

2. From the home screen, click on "TaxVid Videos".

3. Click on "Share videos"

4. You will see two sets of four icons (email to a list, share to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; respectively) with two options for sharing: Share Single Video and Share Video with Playlist:

  • "Share Single Video" means that you will share just that specific video in the row of the video you clicked the button for. In the example below, if you click the email icon in the "Share Single Video" column in the row with "The New World of Deductions" video, only "The New World of Deduction" video will be shared.

  • "Share Video with Playlist" means that the player will start with the selected video and all of the other videos that are turned on will be available for clients to view as well. They will be able to click on the "Playlist" dropdown menu in the bottom right of the player and choose another video to watch. In the example below, if you click the Facebook icon in the "Share Video with Playlist" column in the row with "The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act: Recap" video, the video "The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act: Recap" will be shared and in the bottom right corner of the video player, there will be a grey "playlist" button so clients can view all of the other videos you have turned on.

5. The following screen will show. Click "Choose message style and start editing" to begin the process of sending your selected video(s).

6. Choose a template style for your message by clicking on "Use style" under the one you want.

7. You can add a greeting line if you want by clicking on "Click to add a greeting line". You can keep the default text, add to it, or delete it and write your own!

8. Scroll down and click "Save and continue" to proceed to the next page where you will choose sending options such as subject line, date, time, and lists to send to.

9. Here, you can write your own subject line (or keep the default) and then choose a date and time for the message to be automatically sent.

10. You can then switch on the list(s) you would like to send the message to. All clients on any list that is switched on (denoted by green). If you need to edit your message, you can click on "Edit message". When you are ready to send your message, click "Process message". It will then be sent the the email queue where it will stay until the date/time you specified for it to go out.

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